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We have all done Kegel's to improve our pelvic floor health (and if you haven't, you ought to consider starting). Kegel's not only defend you against a number of potential maladies, but it turns out that they can be your secret weapon in preserving sexual vitality through the years.

Your pelvis

For all intents and purposes, the pelvis is not unlike a basketball hoop: it has no support directly underneath the rim. So what fills that huge void? The internal pelvic organs: for women the major ones are the ovaries, uterus, bladder, vagina, and rectum; for men the major ones are the bladder, prostate, and rectum. Needless to say, we all place great value on what our hoop contains, but how often do we think about what's holding it all up?

Our hoop, indeed, has a safety net, otherwise known as the pelvic floor. Even though the name sounds like it's of bony construction, it's actually comprised of nothing more than a wall of muscle. The medical terminology for the pelvic floor is the levator ani muscles. Imagine the stress this muscular wall suffers over the course of a lifetime! Even worse, the wall is weakened by "exits" for the urethra, the rectum, and the vagina. Without Kegel's, nothing in your daily activities offers significant strengthening of the pelvic floor.

What can go wrong?

In short, bad things happen when the pelvic floor develops a weak spot, permitting an organ to bulge through the safety net. This is called prolapse. Incontinence, either urinary or fecal, can also occur when the pelvic floor loses sphincter strength on the organ in question.

A frequently-mentioned component of the pelvic floor is the PC muscle. When in a weakened state, It's often associated with incontinence.

A major reason for a weakened pelvic floor in women is pregnancy and childbirth. Many doctors recommend a Kegel regimen during and after the pregnancy.

What can go right?

Think of everything that you've ever heard is a natural part of aging for the reproductive system. Among the most dreaded are vaginal atrophy for women, and erectile dysfunction for men.

Kegel's not only strengthen the pelvic floor, they significantly increase the blood flow to the genitals. The enhanced blood supply is like a fountain of youth for the sex organs. Look at some of the benefits:

Men: strengthens the erection, strengthens the ejaculation, eliminates premature ejaculation, enhances prostate sensation during orgasm, and promotes better prostate health.

Women: eliminates vaginal atrophy, tightens the vagina by increasing the strength and tone of the vaginal walls, increases vaginal sensitivity during intercourse, reduces vulvar vestibulitis (pain at the vaginal entrance), and promotes easier / more intense orgasms.

How can you improve a Kegel?

A Kegel is the squeeze that you learned long ago, when you discovered that you could stop the flow of urine. The medical controversy over Kegel's is all about the possibility that you may be squeezing the wrong muscle group. It's a fact that those who need Kegel's the worst may have lost the muscle sensitivity that's required for proper feedback. Hence the big push in the medical community for learning Kegel's through biofeedback mechanisms.

E-stim takes the guesswork out of your Kegel's by inducing involuntary contractions of the correct muscles. Not only are you assured of a "proper" Kegel, but the quality of the contractions is superior to any squeeze you can perform. Most significantly, e-stim Kegel's require no effort on your part...you can do them while reading, watching TV, or even taking a walk.

Ready to take a proactive step?

When it comes to e-stim Kegel's, people have two main criteria: maximum comfort and / or maximum power. We rate our offerings accordingly:


1. CurrentVagMini: High comfort, ample power. It has only two inches of insertion, yet there's plenty of stimulation.

2. CurrentTriPole: Good comfort, strong power. With an insertion length of four inches, you will feel fullness compared to the CurrentVagMini. The CurrentTriPole also offers you the option of prostate stimulation.


Important note on electrode hygiene: to eliminate any possibility of urinary tract infection, we recommend against vaginal use of any electrode that has been in contact with the anus.

1. CurrentVagMini: High comfort, ample power. Vagina or anus. Insertion length: two inches.

2. CurrentQuad: Very comfortable, incredible power. Vagina only. Insertion length: three inches. With four smartly-designed stimulation points, this is our most advanced Kegel electrode.

3. CurrentTriPole: Full-sized comfort, strong power. Vagina or anus. Insertion length: four inches. Three points of stimulation offer you a good range of options.

4. CurrentPrelude: Full-sized comfort, ample power. Vagina only. Insertion length: four-3/8 inches. Should you require the deepest possible stimulation of the pelvic floor, this is your candidate.


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