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One Man's Quest For His Hands-Free Orgasm

Over a man's lifetime, there's great potential for a love / hate relationship with his prostate. During the peak sexual years, those who choose to explore prostate pleasure, either solo, or with a partner, will witness the intense orgasms and projectile ejaculations that can only be produced by prostate milking and massage. As the years pass, far too many men experience a decline in sexual energy, resulting in an ever-increasing sexual dormancy which does not bode well for the prostate.

With age, the prostate devolves into a repository for heavy metal toxins that contribute to the carcinogenic conditions we constantly read about in the medical press. As Mr. Shaw said, youth is wasted on the young. If only we could snap our fingers and return to those days when puberty was fresh on our mind...along with our constant erection that needed some attention "just one more time", our prostate would receive the constant flushing it so desperately needs.

We may not have the time machine to take us back to puberty, but we do have a good friend in prostate stimulation. The objective of the methods presented herein is maximum overstimulation of the prostate, resulting in complete elimination of prostatic fluid. Prepare to be thoroughly milked.

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The Sacral Nerve

The sacral nerve is important because it innervates the prostate. It exits on both sides of the spine at the top of the butt crack. Always use Large E-Stim Pads on the sacral nerve. Apply them just to either side of the spine...never on the spine.

The Perineum

The perineum is that patch of skin between the backside of the scrotum and the anus. It's among the most difficult places on the male body for affixing a pad (the scrotum is another location that comes to mind). At first glance, the perineum would not appear to be so difficult, but the tugging from the legs combined with the tugging of the buttocks muscles offers little assurance of pad survival. To further complicate the situation, many men perspire in that region. Try as it might, that e-stim pad will soon wave a white flag and fall off!

We need to boost the sticking power of our pad, and this is where conductive adhesive gel comes to the rescue. Coat the entire sticky surface of the pad with adhesive gel. Now, you are assured of sufficient staying power. In doing this, we are taking full advantage of the fact that pads are relatively inexpensive electrodes, because this will end the life of your pad. Try to keep some old pads around, so you don't have to sacrifice new ones! Suggested procedure: stretch the scrotum away from the anus and toward the penis, apply the pad to the perineum, starting where the backside of the scrotum joins the perineum.

As for which size pad is best, you will need to make a judgment call on how much perineum real estate you have. We recommend either the Medium E-Stim Pad or the Large E-Stim Pad....the Small E-Stim Pad is not recommended for this job.

Why all of this interest in the perineum? Have you ever heard of pressing the perineum to stop the "dribbles"? This works because of the perineum's proximity to the prostate and the exiting urethra. We will be exploiting that proximity to capture the prostate in a strong stimulation field.

Multi-Frequency Attack

Some of the nerve fibers which supply the prostate are sympathetic to low frequency, while others respond better to high. Therefore, we propose a multi-frequency attack on the prostate, by means of two power dedicated to each frequency band. In this regard, you will have another judgment call to make. It's essential that you take the time to establish the best frequencies for your prostate. High frequency is considered anything above 75. We recommend starting at the extremes of 5 and 150. Work your way toward the middle, if there are any tolerance issues. In terms of stim effectiveness, the larger the gap between the two numbers, the better.

Maximum Current Path

The basic idea behind a bipolar prostate electrode is that the two poles create a stimulation field in the shape of a small sphere or doughnut. Our objective is to create current paths which attempt to travel through the prostate, thus achieving more thorough stimulation.

Using A Bridge

A bridge is the use of a splitter to convert a bipolar electrode (or two monopolar electrodes) to a single lead wire connection. Translation: we will combine two connections to form one connection. We use this technique in the configurations below.

Stimming In Style

A proper roasting of the prostate is not a quick affair. The time requirements increase with age, and can span anywhere from one to three hours. For many men, that's too big a chunk of "private time" to be managed on a regular basis.

There's nothing that precludes you from stimming while fully clothed. Granted, it can be awkward to go "fishing" inside your clothes for a troublesome connection. Instead, consider using some extenders so that all of the lead wire connections can stay conveniently in your pockets, along with your power boxes.

Are you worried about the semen? It's easily managed with a condom, or plastic wrap from the kitchen. No-hurt tape might come in handy to lock everything down. Don't worry about the CurrentLoop we recommend for your penis. Unlike a pad, a CurrentLoop will not have a problem "taking a swim"!

Configuration #1

1. Two pads, one on each side of the spine at the sacral nerve

2. CurrentLoop on the corona (behind the penis head)

3. CurrentLoop on the scrotum

4. Connect the penis CurrentLoop to a sacral nerve pad. Use high frequency.

5. Connect the scrotum CurrentLoop to the other pad. Use low frequency.

Consider this your "go to" configuration to determine optimum settings for high and low frequency. The penis is quite sympathetic to the high frequency stimulation it will receive from the sacral nerve via the prostate. If this is your first experience with low-frequency scrotum stimulation, be prepared for feeling a throb in your testicles!

Configuration #2

1. One pad on the sacral nerve

2. CurrentLoop on the corona (behind the penis head)

3. CurrentThumper Prostate Stimulator, bridged by a splitter

4. A pad on the perineum

5. Connect the penis CurrentLoop to the sacral nerve pad. Use high frequency.

6. Connect the bridged CurrentThumper to the perineum pad. Use low frequency.

Why the CurrentThumper? By bridging with the splitter, we have transformed the CurrentThumper into an impressive monopolar slab of metal, from which it will be impossible for the prostate to hide. Sandwiched between the CurrentThumper and the perineum stimulation, your prostate will feel a major-league squeeze.

Configuration #3

1. Two pads, one on each side of the spine at the sacral nerve, bridged by a splitter

2. A pad on the perineum

3. CurrentProMax Prostate Stimulator, bridged by a splitter

4. CurrentLoop on the corona (behind the penis head)

5. Connect the bridged CurrentProMax to the CurrentLoop. Use high frequency.

6. Connect the bridged sacral nerve pads to the perineum pad. Use low frequency.

We chose the CurrentProMax because the plate design is optimal for high frequency. The low-frequency current path from the sacral nerve to the perineum is quite the pleaser. We bridged the pads on the sacral nerve to assure the strongest possible feeling in the perineum.


These are some of the best configurations around for male e-stim. Please bear in mind that we never employed more than one channel on either power box, so you have ample room for further exploration.

If you're interested in a fast-track approach to doing everything mentioned here, take a look at Braxton's Advanced Prostate Power E-Stim Kit.



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